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The Law Firm of Sarmiento Loriega or “SL Law” is a full-service law firm led by Partners with formidable and world-class academic credentials and almost three decades of seasoned law practice. The Partners are supported by a strong and vibrant team of highly-experienced and well-trained lawyers from the most prestigious law schools in the Philippines. SL Law provides a cost-effective and total solutions approach for every engagement it handles, guided by its uncompromising standards of excellence, thoroughness, diligence, creativity and the desire to consistently exceed clients’ expectations.

Our Story

A Dream Reborn

Our Firm was founded in 2020. But our story goes back two and a half decades ago. Our Founding Partners were then building up their skills as associate attorneys in the country’s biggest law firm. Young and idealistic lawyers, they dreamt of founding the ideal law firm. They dreamt of a firm with values beyond work-ethic and legal excellence. They dreamt of a firm that values honor and integrity. A law partnership that benefits not just the partners, but also its associates, employees, and its community. A firm whose clientele is not limited to its clients, as it also strives to serve God, nature, and country.

The seeds of that dream were first sown when our Founding Partners were recruited to rebuild a litigation-focused law partnership into a full-service firm. Inspired by the values shared with each other and the esteemed founder of that firm, our Founding Partners devoted their full energies as senior partners to rebuild the legal team, the culture, and the clientele that will be the foundation of their ideal law firm. Alas, as years went by and the esteemed founder sadly passed away, our Founding Partners saw, as the Gospel sower found, that some seeds do not fall exactly as dreamed.

After years of hard work, Atty. Sarmiento retired from the firm and focused on his advocacy to build sustainable farming communities with indigenous peoples that provide for their livelihood while preserving our Common Home through micro-grid renewable energy systems. The old dream of the ideal law firm became dormant though never forgotten. By a twist of fate, Atty. Loriega was finally ready to start anew. With newfound vigor, our Founding Partners picked up the proverbial stone the builders rejected and turned it into the cornerstone of our Firm. With their dream renewed, their skills sharpened, and their minds seasoned with experience, our Founding Partners ushered in a new class of law firm.

Rooted in love for God, country, and fellowmen, with aim to nurture progress, but with nature an equal purpose, Sarmiento Loriega takes strength from the wisdom of the ages. Taking kindly the counsel of Lincoln, our Founding Partners now stand on a dream reborn: With malice toward none; with charity for all; with firmness in the right, as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in…

And so, as 2020 unfolded, our Founding Partners saw not a year of volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, global pandemics, and economic disasters, but a year of clear vision. A 20/20 vision not just in the faculty of sight, but vision sharpened by insight, foresight, and imagination.

Our Firm was founded in 2020. It was the worst year. It was the best year. It was a year of vision and imagination. It was the year when Sarmiento Loriega was born – a new law firm that goes above and beyond. Beyond the Practice.

Doing Great by Doing More — Sarmiento Loriega Law Office

Practice Areas

Mergers & Acquisitions

We advise clients on Mergers and Acquisitions (“M&A”) involving companies in regulated industries where the interface of clients with government regulators require deep industry-specific knowledge to provide comprehensive and creative solutions. Read more..

Tax Law

With the continuing evolution and complexity of tax laws, jurisprudence, rules and regulations, expert advice from specialists in the field of taxation are now an integral part of every commercial venture. Read more..

Energy Law

The implementation of Republic Act No. 9136 or the Electric Power Industry Reform Act of 2001 (“EPIRA”) paved the way for the restructuring of the Philippine energy industry, the privatization of the assets of the National Power Corporation, and the transformation of the competitive landscape of the power industry. Read more..

Corporate and Commercial Law

Our combined experience and expertise in the field of corporate and commercial law makes available a total-solutions menu of services for our local and foreign clients. Read more..

Banking & Finance Law

We advise, assist and represent clients on the legal and regulatory considerations for banking transactions including financial products, derivatives and other transactions involving banks or non-bank institutions regulated by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. Read more..

Securities Law

We advise, assist, and represent our clients in the issuance, registration and listing of all kinds of securities including equity instruments, bonds, notes, and commercial papers. Read more..

Antitrust and Competition Law

Republic Act No. 10667 or “An Act Providing for a National Competition Policy Prohibiting Anti-Competitive Agreements, Abuse of Dominant Position and Anti-Competitive Mergers and Acquisitions, Establishing The Philippine Competition Commission And Appropriating Funds Therefor”, the antitrust law of the Philippines took effect only sometime in 2015. Read more..

Public Bidding, Construction and Infrastructure

Through the synergy of our team, we provide clients advice on a wide scope of infrastructure and Public-Private Partnership projects, including airports, education, health care, power generation, rail and transportation, real estate, technology, toll roads, waste management, and waterworks, aside from providing expert assistance on financing and policy work. Read more..

Mining Law

The Philippines is known as one of the world’s top mineral resource-endowed countries. It is therefore not surprising that the Philippine Constitution itself sets the tone for all economic activities in connection with the exploration, development, and utilization of natural resources. Read more..

Environment and Climate Change

We also offer a wide range of services in the field of environmental law and advises clients on environmental issues including climate change that impact on various commercial transactions. Read more..

Social Licensing

The Founding Partners of the Firm have been heavily involved in legal advisory services involving mining, large-scale infrastructure projects including PPP projects, and other massive developmental projects, all of which inevitably affect the lives of many stakeholders especially the vulnerable sectors such as indigenous cultural communities. Read more..

Real Estate Law

We provide legal services to property developers in all aspects of real estate development. We advise, assist and represent clients in the conduct of due diligence reviews, the acquisition of land, the legal restrictions on land ownership and use including the rights of indigenous peoples, corporate and transaction structuring, financing, regulatory compliance, and the documentation and negotiation of sale and purchase agreements, joint venture agreements, construction contracts, and other relevant agreements. Read more..

Insurance Law

We advise, assist, and represent clients in the settlement of insurance coverage claims and disputes, in regulatory compliance for insurance transactions, and on issues affecting both lender and borrower in project finance deals. Read more..

Litigation, Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Equipped with our deep background and experience in handling a broad range of cases, such as complex commercial, tax, civil and criminal litigation, as well as arbitration and other modes of alternative dispute resolution, the members of our Dispute Resolution Team are experts of substantive and procedural rules. Read more..

Labor and Employment Law

We provide legal services to individuals and corporations in need of legal assistance and representation on labor-related disputes. We also offer a wide range of services in various areas of labor law practice, from collective bargaining negotiations, settlement proceedings and litigation to labor compliance. Read more..

Election Law

We also advise on all aspects of the Omnibus Election Code and other election laws, rules and regulations. Read more..

Intellectual Property Law

We assist and advise clients in the application, registration, and maintenance of trademarks, patents, and copyrights. Read more..

Data Privacy Law

We provide timely and comprehensive advice and assistance to our clients to ensure full compliance with data privacy laws, including the Data Privacy Act of 2012, its implementing rules and regulations, and related issuances. Read more..

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